Meco “Empire Strikes Back (Medley)”

Whatever happened to the good ol’ fashioned medley?  It seems that by the turn of the 1980’s the style had run its course.  Before that…you had some wicked ill charts from Stars On 45 and an Italian producer known as Meco.  This was the music your parents were completely okay with you listening to, since it was G-rated, mostly instrumental or “updating” older material and mainly it wasn’t KISS or some other devil worshiping rock.  Which is sad, because there’s some good music left on the table as “kitsch” from yesterday.

Those of us from that era will certainly wax nostalgic about the sort of record i’m linking today.  I’ve had any number of albums of the like from The Electric Moog Orchestra covering music from Star Wars or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  These movies had iconic music and, importantly, kids AND adults bought them.  I bought a Meco single or two at the local Big K or Wal-Mart growing up ($1.89 per 45!) and loved them.

Now onto this particular single.  It has a bit of disco and AOR rock flavor to it, and Meco as an arranger does a pretty neat job weaving in some of the familiar though less obvious themes from the “dark side” of John Williams’ score.  This is the stuff high school jazz bands were made of.  Goofy maybe, but the band frickin’ smokes this stuff, and you have to admit, you love the music of Star Wars.  This 45 is long out of print.  You could either find a copy gathering dust in someone’s back closet or pull it down here for nostalgia’s sake.

SOURCE: The original 1980 R.S.O. Records pressing of the 45 -> Sony PS-T22 turntable with the V series cartridge -> Technics SA-EX310 stereo receiver -> Lexicon Lambda USB i/o -> Adobe Audition.  No EQ, no cleaning up, no click removal, etc.


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