David Lange – Return of the Comet

David Lange is an independent film maker and space music/electro composer.  This album is one of Hearts of Space’s earliest releases (1985) and Mr. Lange performed the album live to digital tape in a San Francisco studio with a Yamaha DX7, a Korg Polysix and a borrowed E-mu Emulator.  Hearts of Space, for those that don’t know, is a syndicated radio show that has been championing ambient and new age music for decades, airing on public radio stations and XM satellite radio.  Anyhow, Lange also recorded the material for a second album Mars Rising during the same sessions but, due to the limitations of vinyl, could not unite the session’s output until several years later when Mars Rising was added to the CD reissue of Return of the Comet.

The music itself…well, it’s new age alright but on more of a space vibe.  Lots of ethereal pads, LFO’ed washes that spread out like shooting stars, etc.  It is definitely on more of an early Vangelis tip than on a Yanni sort of thing.  This is the sort of album one would find in a POP endcap in some incense and candles New Age tarot sort of shop.  While most of that shit is R. Carlos Nakai or such vaguely ethno-world hooey this album still has enough of that initial Berlin School/ambient space vibe to keep it from getting positively corny.  One thing is for certain.  The longer I collect these odd synthesizer records I have learned that there are definitely differences in new age.  Something I didn’t understand at 16 when an English teacher was foisting Ray Lynch on us to help us focus on creative writing.  All it aided me in doing was having an unfounded 15+ year hatred of new age!

Anyways…this one’s fairly common on cassette but the original vinyl fetches $100+.  Have a listen here before hefting the mighty coin.

SOURCE: The original 1985 Hearts of Space pressing of the album -> Sony PS-T22 turntable with the V series cartridge -> Technics SA-EX310 stereo receiver -> Lexicon Lambda USB i/o -> Adobe Audition.  No EQ, no cleaning up, no click removal, etc.

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  1. herfeie


    i have searched a lot but i couldnt find the original of this music.
    the title is not genuine,i searched it and i believe its fake, but in my country television we heard it from 1990 until now, i couldnt contact anyone in the tv, so after all i had searched, this is virtually the last place i have hope to find the name of the artist and title.

    thanx a lot
    for your good blog
    email me at herfeie2008@gmail.com
    thanx again

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