Vangelis – Ignacio

Yeah, Vangelis.  I first became curious about his music 20 years ago when I went through my first wave of prog rock obsession.  When I would comb through used vinyl I would often run into copies of the Jon And Vangelis albums and, being a big Yes fan, thought I’d give one of them a try.  Yawn.  Big yawn.  Super disappointing.

Fast forward 15 years and at that point I had become an electronic musician.  I started to pay more attention to classic electronic music from sources that I had previously disdained.  Jarre and Vangelis in particular.  It took until a couple of years ago that i finally found the right Vangelis era, with a used vinyl copy of Heaven and Hell.  Then I began to find the right Vangelis.

I say that as though there’s something wrong with his music.  I think it’s more a matter of Vangelis being a somewhat singular musical talent.  He straddles the fence between groundbreaking New Age electronica, impressionistic orchestral tone poems and over-the-top Wagnerian bombast, sometimes really cool and sometimes really cheesy.  And that’s sometimes in just one side-length song!  The album I present today consists of Vangelis’s soundtracks to what I think are a couple of European films from the late ’70s.  The album compiles “Ignacio” on one side and “Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer” on the other side.  The music is definitely in the film score vein, more mood than song.  Side one is much more 20th century, side two has more piano and a serious prog rock intro.  If you liked Heaven and Hell then I think you’ll dig this album too.  It looks like both the vinyl and the CD are long out-of-print and run for serious coin online so try ‘er out here before you buy.

SOURCE: The original 1977 EGG Records French pressing of the album -> Sony PS-T22 turntable with the V series cartridge -> Technics SA-EX310 stereo receiver -> Lexicon Lambda USB i/o -> Adobe Audition.  No EQ, no cleaning up, no click removal, etc.

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  1. One of my all time favourite from Vangelis. I love Vangelis. He is really one the founder of E-Music in any direction you want. This album is close to Heaven.

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